More room for everyone

Bork School has chosen to let Zap concept form an integrated part of teaching in all six grades within the school. All school students and teachers have their own personal Zap Board in interaction with Zap Wall rails which effectively converts otherwise passive areas and outdoor spaces into workplaces for both young and older users. In the classrooms Zap has replaced parts of the stationary furniture, and has created more room for movement. Zap wall rails in different heights, offers the students oppertunity to switch workposition, without disturbing the class. Zap Totem is placed in the common areas of the school and are very popular. It sees intense use when students are working individually or in groups.

Zap Concept has given a higher level of flexibility in class sessions, created more room for movement and a better space for differentiated learning.

Jens Otto Pedersen

School Principal, Bork Skole

Zap Concept is creating space for the students’ actual needs – quietness for focusing, group work, good floor space, mobility, outdoor teaching … – where there are often limitations in traditional classrooms.

Majbritt Lomholt og Maibritt Sander

Teacher, Bork School

More freedom for differentiated learning

Bork school is experiencing success when it comes to students setting the framework for their own learning. A typical class could have the following timeline: The students get a brief introduction to the subject matter, after which they take their Zap boards out and works independently or in groups, in any place they prefer. Zap is helping to support this approach, since students thereby always have access to a functional and mobile workplace. There is great variation in how students choose to work. Some concentrates best when they lie on the floor or sit in a corner. Others are seeking out a Zap Totem, where they can place their Zap board in the desired working height, while others make their way outside to find peace for learning in the sun.

Zap as a personal furniture

Teachers and management have experienced that students take large ownership over their Zap board. Everyone has, in their own way, personalized their Zap, which they freely bring in all school areas – inside and outside. By making Zap the students’ own responsibility, the school has avoided Zap boards being lost or left around the school. When Zap is not in use, they place the boards on wall rails in the classroom or in the student’s own bookcase.

Contest at Bork School

In cooperation with Bork School furnX organized a contest at the school in which students and teachers should explore how they could learn better with Zap concept while making it fun and active.

The competition was created to give the school the opportunity to deploy the product in as many ways possible, while providing us at FurnX important feedback to our R&D department.

During the competition, students had to demonstrate new innovative ways of learning via selfies, drawings and presentations. Teachers were also involved in testing new ways to use Zap concept and incorporate it into their teaching. The competition was a great success with an immense commitment from the students and teachers and resulted in many fine proposals, including teaching in the treetops, reading on the roller coaster, mathematics in a soap box car and classrooms, where all the tables were taken out in favor of fresh air and movement.

“It has been very impressive to see the creative proposals that students came up with”, says Jens Otto Pedersen, who is the principal at Bork School.


Watch the 2. and 3. grade classes own video production on how they use Zap Concept (Danish).


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