Flexibility in furniture arrangements

In the school’s new media production classroom in Fjerritslev High School, Zap Concept was introduced to complement the other furniture, and is superbly incorporated into the school’s existing architecture. With many switches between different working positions and teaching styles, Zap opens up for greater flexibility and to optimize the otherwise unused space.

Full use of good space

In the media rooms, the chosen interior is dynamic, with changing types of furniture, which does something good for the eyes, the atmosphere and of course the rooms functionality. In Fjerritslev they have been focusing on furniture that supports the way in which students work with the subject. The flexibility of the furniture arrangement is essential, as the course offers many different themes and working methods where students often switch between recieving information, manufacturing, screenings and more group-oriented work. Zap works as a complementary element to the more stationary furniture, by transforming otherwise unused wall space into useful work zones. Zap can also be brought along to the soft lounge furniture and used for a steady surface.

The next sitting position is always the best

Zap wall rail is mounted in different heights multiple places in the rooms. The possibility for shifting work positions increases the students’ ability to concentrate and counteracts muscle and back pain from prolonged inactivity. This can be done without moving furniture around, thus avoiding disturbing other students. When the weather is nice, students sometimes work outside. Zap works as a practical and stable work surface for books, tablets or laptops.

VIDEO: Students talk about their new Media Room.

At Fjerritslev High School, furnX was asked to create a new environment for the Media Room. New thoughts regarding learning were required in order to push the students in a more creative direction.

This small film clip was edited by the students themselves and explains briefly about their own reaction to the new learning environment.


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