Why Zap Concept?

…because ZAP is a functional, flexible and mobile work station, making it easy to convert otherwise passive areas and outdoor spaces into work places for both students and teachers. ZAP can replace parts of the existing furniture or be incorporated to the school’s existing interior and architecture – and create even greater freedom in teaching and spaces for differentiated learning.

… because we are not all alike!

We are not all alike, and as such there are different conditions which need to be met in order to make learning efficient. That is precisely why, it makes sense to let each pupil shape the framework for their own learning. When is learning most effective? When you lie, sit or stand? When you have space to express yourself freely? When you sit secluded in a quiet nook? When you sit alone or with others?

Zap concept liberates space in the classrooms, allowing changing of posture and fast relocation.

The Zap Board is suitable for outdoor learning. It is resistant to moisture and water and allows for a good writing surface in the sandpit or on the swing. The wall rails are also suitable to be mounted outdoors.

… because furniture shapes the posibilities!

Movement is good for health and energy levels – and often increases our learning potential. All research also suggest that we remember better when, in practice, we are trying out the things we learn. To exploit this potential, it requires flexibility in the furniture arrangement – in order to make room for practical exercises, and to allow the learning space to support movement as a natural part of the learning process.

…because learning is not necessarily done in a classroom!

Hallways, niches or common areas can work well as a temporary workstation for individual tasks or group work. Exploitation of the school’s more passive areas can help to create a space for learning – and provide more space and quiet for each student.

… because ”outdoor education” should be easily accesible!

There is much to learn in and about nature – and enjoying the outdoors also provides recreation and new energy. It’s not about making “outdoor education” a stationary installation, but more about making outdoor spaces usable and accessible. It does not take much to transform outdoor spaces into spaces for learning.

Zap Concept can be used both in open areas and in tight spaces. The wall rail is suited for use as a gallery support for pictures and presentation materials.

Zap Concept makes it possible to accommodate the individual students needs.


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